Why Do Most Sites Use WordPress?

There are at least a handful of factors:

  • WordPress is totally free. You can download it right now with no cash included in all.
  • WordPress is open source. It’s a neighborhood job built by hundreds of volunteers around the globe. Every person can take part. Every person can build on WordPress and assist the platform grow a lot more.
  • WordPress is contemporary. If some feature is considered “a standard” in internet site software program, you can be sure that WordPress has it.
  • WordPress is versatile. It can run any type of kind of site. Despite if it’s a simple business site, a blog, a photo website, a pastime site, a specialist business site, a profile website, a wedding event website, a physical fitness website, a directory site, also an ecommerce shop, WordPress can easily manage it all.
  • WordPress is accessible as well as easy to use. It can be used by customers with impaired vision with no trouble.
  • WordPress works on all display sizes and tools. You can access your website using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet computer, phone.
  • WordPress is extensible. You can add personalized features to WordPress with the help of plugins. Think about plugins as your internet site’s “apps” (like your iPhone applications, but also for your web site).
  • WordPress is beautiful. There are thousands upon hundreds of totally free and premium style bundles (called motifs) readily available for WordPress. You can install those in a solitary click.